Design Services

Beautiful, High-Quality Designs

We have worked with and designed for clients since 2002. Rhinestone Studio can design a font, logo or entire design in rhinestones, sequins or glitter for your company, team or event. Send us your logo or icon, or let us help custom design it for you!

Design It

Send us your artwork – JPEG or PDF. Think about how big it should be – consider how big it should appear on the clothing and how detailed it should be.

Select Embellishment

What do you like? Rhinestones, metal studs, sequins, glitter. Colored rhinestones and Swarovski® crystals are available, too.

Choose Your Apparel

T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, toddler to 3X. hats, and visors, etc are all available. We sell great stuff from Bella, Kavio, Alternative Apparel, and Alo too.

Happy People

Smile when you get your order. Happy shirts make happy people! Get attention and brand better with rhinestone apparel.


Do you need help choosing a font or designing a graphic for your shirt or hat?

Rhinestone Studio offers design services at $120/hour with a $120 minimum. Design services are provided as a custom service. For an appointment, contact us at 512-330-4900 or send us a message.

Keep in mind that the smallest legible size for words is 5/8″ tall in rhinestones.

For font ideas, try these online sources:

For design or illustration ideas, try:


Made in Austria since 1895, Swarovski® crystals sparkle like crazy and are the best rhinestones money can buy. Nothing compares for brilliance, clarity and quality. You’ll pay a little more for a Swarovski® rhinestone design, but there’s nothing better than the real thing when you want a truly special t-shirt.

Interested in using Swarovski® crystals in your shirt, jacket or hat design? Pageants, skin care brands, salons and other clients have invested a little more to get the right look for their brand. Rhinestone Studio has 12 years of experience with brilliant Swarovski® crystals. With the variety of colors and shapes available, we can create a stunning shirt or hat for you.


For a rhinestone-look that sparkles at a more moderate price, our non-branded rhinestone crystals will do the trick. These are quality rhinestones, just a little easier on your pocketbook than Swarovski crystals. Perfect for all projects.


Rhinestuds aren’t technically rhinestones at all. They’re tiny metal circles cut to look like rhinestones. There’s no crystal in a rhinestud so they don’t refract light, but the shape and surface shines and sparkles. They are the least expensive option we offer, which makes them especially popular for our toddler and youth designs.