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Welcome to Rhinestone Studio!

Rhinestone Studio is a small, custom studio in Austin that provides rhinestone shirts, hats, jackets, hoodies, bags and other rhinestone apparel. Cathy Veri is the studio owner and you will reach her when you call (512) 330-4900.  We have moved our business to and Silvio and his team in south Florida. Please note! is the new email address.  Together, we serve up dazzling logo apparel to all kinds of companies, dance studios, schools, salons and other organizations. Cathy started her business in 2002, making “Big Sister” shirts and selling online with one of the first e-commerce rhinestone apparel companies online. In 2002, we got our first press with a fundraiser shirt designed for the Hurricanes that hit Florida that year, with which profits were sent as donations to charities set up for Hurricane victims.

Cathy really enjoys getting to talk to clients all over the country and learning about their lives and their companies and organizations. We have done fun projects for literally hundreds of dance studios, salons, teams, schools and companies. Some of our customers have been ordering each year for ten years or more. is ready to serve these customers and new customers as well.

  • We sell regular rhinestones (Chinese or Korean) which are brilliant, delicate and affordable. We also create designs with glitter, glitter and rhinestone together, nailheads and sequins.
  • Our focus is group orders with at least 24 shirts or hats. We will occasionally work on very custom one-off shirts with genuine Swarovski rhinestones. Please call for arrangements with Cathy if you are interested in customized Swarovski apparel: 512-330-4900
  • Some fun projects we have done include Miss American contestant jackets in 2007, Zoya tees for use backstage at the New York fashion shows, and some custom shirts for NBA players’ wives during the play-offs.
  • In 2015, Rhinestone Studio began selling on and maintains a website for youth apparel, tennis theme rhinestone apparel and other items like custom words and phrases and custom designs. Tennis is an especially large category for the Etsy store and Cathy has been playing tennis since 2006.
  • 2019: On Etsy, we sell a lot of dazzling birthday shirts and tennis theme apparel.  We sell a lot of poker-themed customized visors and hats. We are also making blingy team jackets and hats.
  • Late 2019:  We have moved Rhinestone Studio production to in south Florida. Rhinestonewear has machines in house and a team to serve you faster. I am still working on large rhinestone apparel orders and I am happy to partner with Silvio and his team at For Quantities of 1 to 1,000 or more, you can contact sales at:  All orders ship from Florida.
  • Many clients use rhinestone apparel from Rhinestone Studio to raise funds for their teams or organizations. We do the best we can to deliver products that fit budgets so that the apparel can be used as fund-makers.

I hope you will love your shirt, hat or jacket, and you will continue to get rhinestoned with me and

Rhinestone Studio: Cathy VeriCathy Veri,
Studio Owner